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God is at work! He is at work through YOU as an Ambassador for Christ when you go into your workplace each day. He's also at work through CBMC Northland as a ministry- serving Him and each other. 

What We Do:

CBMC Northland is helping hundreds of men and women integrate their Sunday morning faith into their Monday through Friday work lives. 

Ways to connect with CBMC Northland: 

·         Small Groups of Business Leadership Institute groups meeting monthly and Connect3 groups meeting weekly

·         Focused events such as Leadercast Northland and Mayors Prayer Breakfasts in the Brainerd and St. Cloud areas

·         One to One mentoring and discipleship meetings

·        Young Professional men working with more experienced professionals to accelerate their growth to becoming a young professional leader worth following

“Jesus is very clear that our primary focus in life should be to grow in our love for Him and to help others do the same. These are called the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. To do both effectively we all need to grow as leaders. That’s why CBMC is focused on meeting men right where they are and helping develop them into the Leaders God designed them to be.”

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Alan Smith
Northland Director

Don Hoffert
Area Director CBMC Leadership Institute Northland

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