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"We are here to serve families during their time of crisis when they have no where else to go. So for Operation Grace to bring their dental bus and to set up chairs in our building is invaluable. Our guests would not be receiving dental care if this wasn't happening."  - People Serving People

Our Mission:

Our mission is to mobilize volunteer dental professionals to provide essential oral health care instruction and treatment without discrimination, as a demonstration of the love of Christ to people without access to care.

Our Vision:

The long term strategy and goal is to increase service to those areas and communities with high density of families in urgent need of dental care. Ultimately we believe there is documented need to fully utilize five to six dental vans throughout Minnesota. Volunteers will be the driving force of this growth. 

Lil Flossie School Program:

At Operation Grace, MN our goal is to provide essential dental care to communities throughout Minnesota. Since 2014 we have operated a mobile dental program offering dental care to low income families. With the Lil Flossie goes to school program we are bringing our dental care to school program we are bringing our mobile dental clinic, Lil Flossie, to schools around the state. These schools have high populations of students who are unable to access dental care.

Our Team:

Operation Grace MN is governed by a board of directors whose backgrounds are essential to the success and integrity of this ministry. They are responsible for all aspects of our work including programming, provision of dental care, funding, marketing, budget and administration.


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John Braddock
Executive Director

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