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A letter from the running shoes of Scott Welle...

In graduate school I was asked to fly to New York to work on mental training with six high-level college football players getting ready for the NFL combine. They played various positions but they all had one common goal:

To maximize their performance when it mattered most.

If you're unfamiliar with the NFL combine, it's where prospects are ranked and evaluated on their physical and mental skills. Poor performance and small lapses in judgement can cost them millions of dollars in the NFL draft. Seriously. I remember sitting in the office of the sports management company, surrounded by the athletes, talking about confidence, focus, motivation, "getting in the zone" and harnessing nervous energy.

Every player performed and got drafted...many of them higher than expected. They brought "it" when they needed to. Now, if you're reading this, it's unlikely you're prepping for the NFL combine. I don't know you (yet) and I don't know where you are in your athletic journey. But we all have times in our life when we need to bring "it," and that's the basis of the EPIC program.

I'll let you in on a little secret: the strategies that the highest performing athletes on the planet use to be their best on the court, course, pool, field and ice, are not rocket science or complex algorithms. They're a set of rather simple, common-sense principles that are not common-practice for the vast majority of athletes.

I want to teach them to you so you can maximize YOUR performance when it matters most.

After I started implementing some of these principles, I went from being an "average" student to near straight-A's in graduate school. They are also the same skills I've used to author eight best selling books, start my own business, and complete 5 Ironman triathlons (including qualifying for the 70.3 World Championships), 29 marathons and a 100-mile ultra-marathon run.

They are truly LIFE skills that I'm thankful I learned. They weren't taught in the classroom and I can't imagine where I'd be in my life without them.

To close, think of one of your favorite athletes: What characteristics do they possess? You might say some combination of speed, quickness, agility, power, strength, etc., but I'm betting they are also unbeatable mentally, right? They have made the mind their greatest asset instead of their largest liability. It's the ONE commonality all athletes MUST have to be successful.

Just imagine how much better you'll be when you own goals and smash them, wake up motivated, stay GRITTY, practice with a purpose, have unshakeable self-confidence, bounce back from getting knocked down, love nervous energy and make it work for you, lead others, stay fresh late in the season and play to win instead of playing not to lose.

It IS possible and I want to help you. I'm hoping you'll seize the opportunity.

To your success,

- Scott Welle
Creator, EPIC
Founder, Outperform The Norm

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