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There's a better way to run your business.

We provide customized solutions for connecting desktop, web and mobile data for businesses using FileMaker Pro database technology.
Every small business faces challenges when it comes to keeping and updating the large amounts of data needed to succeed. As you are managing large amounts of data, it’s can be easy to feel overwhelmed or get behind in keeping track of your business, your clients, and your finances. You need tools that can streamline your data, connect through different applications and have the ability to take your business on the road.
That’s where we come in. HighPower Data Solutions believes that there is a better way to run your business. HighPower Data can help you automate your business. As a company that specializes in software development using FileMaker Pro, we will help you convert your paper-based system to digital, develop FileMaker apps that streamline your data, and help you incorporate systems that make doing business a breeze.

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