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Perhaps you're feeling stuck, or you're facing a big decision and aren't sure which path to take.  Better yet, you're experiencing abundance and are trying to figure out what God would have you do with your gifts.

I and J Consulting was formed to help business owners and executives hear the voice of God via intercessory prayer and Spirit-led business consulting.  On top of being a successful entrepreneur, Wilson George has long been recognized for his gifts of wisdom, discernment and prophetic counsel.

I&J Consulting brings a new approach to management consulting - here you won’t find career salesmen, trained to prepare fancy PowerPoints and charge you millions to hear your own ideas packaged back to you in a different wrapper.

But rather, we bring a team of current or recently retired executives who have done what they are talking about.

We bring hands on experience not theories or presentations/ideas that were originally made for your competitors. We also tailor each engagement to your organization after a soft initial review.

We don’t work with everyone... Only honorable companies need apply.

You will find truth, enabling you to make wise decisions resting in Him.

Experience the Spirit led difference a wise counselor will make in your life... contact Wilson for a free initial consultation.

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