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Maple Lane Media is an audio, video, and lighting company that partners with clients to put their vision into action. Our goal at an event is that every attendee can see and hear the presentations and discussions with clarity and understanding.

A true partner from your concept, to event completion, we take your vision and create a comprehensive production plan.  When it comes to audio, video, and lighting, we partner with you and your staff to ensure no detail is overlooked.


Every aspect of projection is critical to a clear, vibrant image. Room logistics including ceiling height and natural light from windows are factored into proper screen and projector sizes so every attendee throughout the room has the same experience.


It is so important for your attendees to hear all the content within your event. We factor in room size to determine full sound coverage so the person in the back of the room has the same experience as the person in the front row.


A properly lit stage and room will enhance the experience of your attendees at your meeting or conference. Our lighting design can set the theme and turn a large open space into a welcoming environment.


Draping, podiums, decor, and furniture are all tools that can improve the comfort of your attendees. Allow us to assist in the design of your vision.

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