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Occupational Chaplains of America (OCA) provides workplace chaplains that are available to interact with employees on a regular basis through an Employee Care program that is tailored to fit your business. Chaplains offer a safe place for employees to process life in a healthy way.

An Employee Care Program is a personal, voluntary, and confidential employee benefit available to employees and their immediate family. Caring, compassionate chaplains are available to serve all employees, regardless of religious affiliation, faith level, personal beliefs or background.

As chaplains build relationships with employees, they are available to provide support and encouragement when things are going well. They are also there to help facilitate creative problem-solving when employees are struggling with any number of personal issues. 

Utilizing an Employee Care Program allows business leaders and Human Resource Departments to focus on their corporate objectives and management responsibilities while providing their employees the compassionate counsel and practical wisdom of trained professionals when they need it most.

Having this personal service available will enhance the quality of employee's lives, the lives of their family, and ultimately, your business.

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