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Roadmap to Excellence

What if you could align your entire organization to achieve your vision?

What if you knew just the ”right” questions to select-prioritize for the most compelling key improvements?

What if this was possible with a simple ‘on-line” assessment tool given to your people at all levels?

What if this engaged your people to create a fun, high performance work culture?

What if this resulted in a 50% higher profitable growth and much higher levels of employee-customer-stakeholder engagement than your competition as validated by research ?

Excellence, Fast and Inexpensive…is this possible? Clients using this process worldwide are saying yes!

How is it done?

  • RTE will setup an “on line” assessment questionnaire using award winning-validated questions, sent to your selected employees, suppliers and customers that is accessible 24/7.
  • Upon completion, RTE analyzes the results and helps you prioritize the high impact improvement areas developed by your own organization .
  • Plans are implemented using externally “validated” best practices creating “step change” improvement.
  • RTE will follow up monthly for 6 months to coach a successful implementation.
  • The framework-scoring- benchmarking process becomes your ongoing organizational performance enhancement ”system” to navigate and mature a sustainable “Roadmap To Excellence” journey.
  • You should expect, after using this process,  to step ahead of your competition as shown by industry validated data of over 600 national small-medium-large companies using this process.
  • Costs, all inclusive, are $3900 for companies under 25 employees and $5900 if over 25.


Don Hoffert

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