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TAP-Diversity Navigators

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Nkem Chirpich -
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Business Consulting on  Human Resources and Operational Mgmt systems. A for-pro  t   rm  rendering analysis, assessments, assistance and educational services for  workforce arenas in government and private sectors.  ALL services have inclusive and accountable assessments built-in. ALL educational training is tailor-made to meet speci   c needs of companies.   TAP leverages diverse resources and diverse talents combined with skilled partnerships. One strategy is
fair-minded critical thinking methods. The Diversity Navigators assist with locating resources to
engage, market, navigate and educate various teams. The Diversity Navigators o   ers training opportunities and workshops on  topics on  All aspects of Human Resource   & Human Capital Management; Hiring  Applications which include Recruit, Retain, Source, Exit; Strategic Planning; Cultural: Respect & Pro   ciency;  and Public Speaking covering topics ranging from Positivity in Era of Hopelessness; Diversity & Inclusion; Facilitating Community Dialogues,   Community Engagement.

Minnesota's trends over the next 15  to 20  years, a major crisis  in the workforce will be caused by the mass exodus and cyclical employment trends. Baby boomers are exiting in droves to retirement. Millennials, Generation X and Generation Z (ages  approximately 16-34)  are increasingly entering the workforce. Targeted recruitment and retention of young prospects can better equip succession plans for companies in transition. To close workforce gaps, ALL industries need to focus on  the large numbers. Diverse talents from diverse communities are untapped commodities in-demand labor.

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