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Threefold Christian Alliance

PO Box 240511
Apple Valley MN 55124
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George Bakalov -
About Us

1. The Cause of the Gospel

The Gospel Mandate pertains to the preaching of the Gospel. God desires to restore the authenticity of Biblical revelation and for it to be imparted to this present and to future generations. This includes the reformation of the Church, the activation of God’s gifts in all believers and the impartation of strategies that spiritually impact whole churches, networks, and movements.

2. The Cause of Liberty

The Cause of Liberty is near and dear to God’s heart, my heart, and the heart of everyone who has been part of the work I’ve been a part of across many nations. This currently involves (but is not limited to):

  • Serving the persecuted church.
  • Speaking to issues relating to Liberty in places and nations where we are currently ministering, including countries from the so-called “free world”, as well as the developing world.
  • Developing platforms and initiatives to empower believers to become active citizens, to get involved with civic activities ( which includes running for various governmental offices).

3. The Cause of Mercy

The Mercy mandate is about delivering tangible, critically important “hands on” help and support to those who need it in order to survive, the thrive and ultimately fulfill God’s plan for their lives. This could mean supporting a child from the poorest part of Manila to be able to go to school and escape the cycle of systemic poverty and possibly becoming a victim of a sex-trafficking ring. Or it could mean supporting a young person from America’s inner city – the scale of need is different, but the battle for the lives of people is the same.

There are many talented and gifted believers in the Body of Christ. When ministered to in practical terms, they can flourish and become the champions God has called them to be. However, many don’t have the means, the guidance, or spiritual insight to accomplish this on their own.

The Mercy Mandate must also reach out and be “there” for the neediest and vulnerable. To provide them with a pathway to embrace, appreciate, and celebrate life.

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