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Thrive! Keynote Speaker Application

Use this form to apply for approval to become part of our recommended Keynote Speakers for our Thrive! Communities.

Fields marked with an * are required.

Please verify that you have checked the “I'm not a robot” checkbox.

Provide us with some basics (title and/or short description) for the keynote presentation(s) you have to offer the AFB and Thrive! community.

Share how your keynote presentation(s) help Christians in business connect their faith and work. 

  • We ask that you tie your presentation to Biblical principles and/or specific scripture references
  • Interactive presentations are encouraged; bring questions to use for open discussion as applicable
  • Refrain from selling from the front of the room; you may invite attendees to contact you for more information, or encourage them to sign up for a newsletter or other feed; use the fellowship time at the beginning and end of the meeting to connect 1-1 with attendees
  • PowerPoint is available at most event locations; ask the event organizer for audio/visual specifics
  • Presentations should be around 30 minutes long to best fit the length of Thrive! events
  • Tables will be supplied at most locations for you to display books or other merchandise if you choose

Please indicate that you have read and agree with the Thrive! Keynote Speaker Guidelines:

I agree with the Thrive! Keynote Speaker Guidelines

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