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Critical Insight Group

Bloomington MN
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Individual Listing
Dale Henry
Dale Henry - Founder & CEO
Andrew Copeland
About Us

I accelerate the GROWTH and PROSPERITY of MID-SIZED businesses by developing the 'GREAT LEADERS OF GREAT TEAMS'TM you need throughout your organization.  Because EVERYTHING Rises and Falls on Leadership.

Your Greatest Opportunity Awaits…

The greatest source of potential performance, innovation, and growth in your business is locked within your people. Unfortunately, because of how they think, most business leaders harness only a small fraction of that potential. The rest is squandered…completely wasted. Stop being a squanderer.

You’re already paying for it. Now learn how to transform your ‘people costs’ from an unavoidable business expense into a fully leveraged high-producing investment. We’ll reveal the secrets of exactly how to maximize the return on your investment in people.

It all becomes possible by developing a strong team of leaders throughout your organization, because you don’t get great performance without having great leaders, who are fully equipped to confidently navigate today’s leadership landscape.

We’ll guide you as you discover the magic that unlocks that full untapped potential and converts it into truly incredible results.

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