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The Scale Factor [Book]


Take Control of Your Life!

I lost 42 pounds in 90 days and you can too! Every year, millions of people set the same important fitness goal – to lose weight. But most fail and miss out on the benefits that come with getting back into shape. Are you ready to feel energetic and confident again?

As my wife’s caregiver, during her first battle with cancer, I focused on helping her to overcome these challenging times. I stopped taking care of myself and months of neglect took its toll on my body. Initially striving to lose sixteen pounds in 90 days, I lost 42 pounds in 90 days.

The SCALE Factor™ will introduce you to the mindset required to start your goal and complete it. You will also enhance your lifestyle through dynamic eating and exercise habits that allow you to do more than reshape your body, they empower you to reshape your life. Perhaps, you will exceed your weight loss goal, too.

The SCALE Factor™ provides you with:

  • The Psychology of Weight Loss
  • Easy Recipes for Losing Weight
  • Simple Exercises for Toning and Strengthening
  • The Daily and Weekly Planner for success

Get your copy of the book here:

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