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Keynote Speakers

Bob Brady


Bob brings 12 years of tax consulting experience, which is extremely valuable because numbers tell the unemotional story a business’ past, present, and future. The good news: Bob can help you positively impact the present and future numbers. Watch him flex his numeric muscle to interpret (in layman’s terms) the significance behind a set of numbers. As a coach, he’s excited to expand his focus to work with the whole business owner.

Certified in Strengths Coaching, Bob has extreme talent in leading people to develop through their natural strengths, how to capitalize using them, which ultimately helps people see themselves in a new, more confident way. At the heart of Bob is the desire and dedication to the betterment of not only the company, but also the individual.

Bob helps committed business owners reach their ongoing targets by offering proven tools and strategies to create momentum. He understands it is this momentum that will fuel the determination to get to the next level of learning, growing, and sharpening of the mind, in order to fulfill the “why” of their business. And that is the motivation behind everything Bob will do for you.

Learn more about Bob Brady at his website:

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