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Devin Dickel


Available Keynote Presentation: 

Core Purpose: You, Jesus, and the Church

The Core Purpose diagram is a popular tool used to help people think through some very important questions like, "What do you love to do?", "What are you good at?", "What does the world need?", and "What can you get paid for?"

With this in mind and the Bible in hand, we can discover how Jesus lived out His core purpose as well as how His life points to the proper purpose of the Church. When the Church begins to look like Jesus the Gates of Hades fall and the Kingdom of heaven comes to earth in every area of society. This presentation is to get us dreaming big again so that we begin to see these things happen in our communities!

About Devin Dickel:

My name is Devin Dickel. I am a big picture person who has been drawn in to God's supremely big story about His Glory being made known EVERYWHERE on earth.  At our moment in history, I believe His primary means of expanding His glory on earth will be through local churches that effectively engage all of their members in the work of missions, especially those with business and professional skills.  It therefore brings me great joy to be able to serve churches through OPEN by inspiring them to think about new and effective means for doing missions (ie: Business for Transformation), by connecting them with resources and people that can help (ie: business coaches, mentors, investors, etc.), and by encouraging them to take their God-ordained role to lead us into the future victories of the gospel that are sure to come all over the world!

Experienced Relationship Manager, Devin provides excellent service in ongoing customer relations support, negotiates service terms with contractors, and generates new client leads through personal networks. He is currently with OPEN USA as a relations manager for the last 3 years.

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