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Jacob Stoffel


General Availability:

Prefers lunch hour and afternoon events; unavailable to speak mid-September through October 2021.

Available Keynote Presentations:

Navigating Nutrition

Nutrition is a confusing, divided, and polarizing topic these days. Who is right, who is wrong, and what should we do when it comes to choosing what food to eat? We may not have ALL the answers, but hopefully we have enough for you to understand where you are at in your nutrition journey, and where you should strive to be. 

Understanding Pain

Pain gets a bad reputation these days, with many professions created just to stave it off (including mine!). So lets discuss what pain is, when its something you should be concerned about, and when its actually your friend even if its a one sided relationship. 

You Reap What You Sow

The old adage is "you are what you eat" but I believe we should also embrace "you reap what you sow" in the context of our physical health. Todays society is overwhelmed with opportunity to neglect ourselves and our physical health, leading to widespread chronic disease and excessive physical limitation. Lets strive together towards learning about the benefits of physical activity, exercise, adequate sleep, stress management, etc. Then we can look forward to reaping what we are sowing in our lives.

About Dr. Jacob Stoffel:

Dr. Stoffel is a graduate of Northwestern Health Sciences University where he earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic with Sports Emphasis. This emphasis indicates that during school, Dr. Stoffel took additional coursework specifically focused on treating an athlete. These courses included taping and strapping, sideline concussion management, advanced extremity technique, and sports physicals.

Throughout his academic career, Dr. Stoffel went above and beyond - attending multiple seminars and workshops on top of school to hone his clinical abilities. Within the school, he was also very involved as the president of the Motion Palpation Institute club, a club dedicated to furthering clinical excellence amongst its members; as the secretary for the school's Student American Chiropractic Association Sports Council when they won national chapter of the year award for demonstrating a dedication for furthering sports care on campus; and assisting in teaching nearly every clinical course at school!

As with his academic career, Dr. Stoffel also went above and beyond during his clinical education. He interned first at MN Spine and Sport under Dr. Schreiber, voted the 2018 Rehabilitation Chiropractor of the Year, where he was heavily influenced by a patient-first evidence informed model of care. He then interned at the Human Performance Center on campus, an elite clinic where semi professional athletes of various sports can come in to receive care. In addition, he attended as many of the sideline events as he could. He was fortunate enough to work and treat athletes at events including: The World Racquetball games, World Broomball games, Iron Shield Jiu Jitsu tournament, Susan G Koman cancer walk, and the River City Rhythm marching band training camp and performance. 

Dr. Stoffel enjoys spending time with his growing family. When he isn't with his lovely wife Jennah and their beautiful daughter Evelynn, he can be found spending his time exercising, reading, learning how to forge and blacksmith, and training in martial arts.

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