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Joseph Field


Estate planning & probate attorney of 30 years. Principal owner of Field Law, P.A. with five meeting locations in the northern suburbs. WealthCounsel, PLLP member & ElderCounsel, PLLP member. 

  • Present Chairman of the City of Ramsey Charter Commission.  
  • Past Chairman of the Salvation Army Advisory Council (Coon Rapids)
  • Past Chairman of PACT Charter School
  • Past Vice-President of the MN Christian Writers Guild. 
  • Former member of City of Ramsey Planning Commission
  • Former Judicial Officer for the City of Ramsey Board of Administrative Appeals.
  • Present Member of CBMC (Trusted Advisors Group)
  • Past BSF Discussion Leader
  • Present President of Andover, MN Chapter of G7 Networking Group.
  • Past campaign manager or chairman for gubernatorial, congressional and legislative campaigns.

Graduate of St. John's University in Collegeville, MN and the University of Connecticut Law School. 

Author of "Finding Joe Adams", a memoir, which was the recipient of a Bronze Medal in 2020 by Readers; Favorite in the category of "Christian Non-Fiction". The audiobook won a Silver Medal. 

Featured on Fox News in 2017 when he met his father for the first time. This provided the basis for his memoir, "Finding Joe Adams".

Lives in Ramsey with his wife of 27 years, Betty, and has two daughters in their twenties who are graduates of the University of Northwestern-St. Paul.  Loves to read, write, fish and hunt.

Available Keynote Presentations:

The Power of the Pause: Overcoming Setbacks Without Allowing Them to Define You

Sometimes we get stuck in life in a place we would rather not be. No matter how much we try we can't seem to extract ourselves and get traction to get on with our goals and aspirations. This is the "pause." A place of seeming indifference. But not to God. Sometimes being immersed in the pause is part of a greater plan. That certainly happened in the Bible and in the speaker's life too. 

Finding Joe Adams: How I Found a Father I Never Knew at Age 60 & How God Proved Himself to be the 'Father of the Fatherless' All Along The Way

Not knowing my father my whole life, not even his name, despite never being adopted, was like putting a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle together only to find one piece missing. Not knowing him gnawed at me, particularly after having my own kids. My own efforts to find him lead to dead ends. Then I prayed and God answered. Soon, over one million people would watch my father - age 87 - and I on Fox News explaining how it was for us to meet for the first time.

About Joseph Field:

What’s important to me in life and business is being authentic and being diligent. 
Be real.  Says what’s so and don’t embellish.  Sure, jazz something up to promote a business but don’t distort. To be blunt—don’t lie.  People value authenticity. Some call that ‘trust’.  Being authentic also embraces competency. If you are good at what you do then show it, share it.  It is a gift.  If you aren’t competent in an area, admit it. Either work to improve or leave it alone. It’s okay to admit our shortcomings. Just don’t overdo it. That then becomes a subtle excuse for not being diligent.
Being diligent means putting tour God-given gifts to use.  Don’t let them hang around gathering dust. There is a world craving for what you do.  They want your business.  They want your expertise.  They want to trust you. Don’t let them down. Be diligent.
I had to be broken down and rebuilt to let go of pretense and to get to work. 
I lost my law license my 5th year as a lawyer. That was the darkest time of my life some quarter of a century ago. I went four more years before getting that license back. But when it occurred I now could release what people thought of me. I had suffered an ultimate professional disgrace and came out with a different perspective, thanks to a divine rebuilt. I now only cared what God thought of me. I worked for Him now, not man. Any deceptions and lack of diligence shorted His Glory. And yet He forgives my occasional slip-ups. Hopefully my customers will too, though that is not a given. We just need to get back on and start riding again.  I did that and it led me to becoming:
·       A Manager of a congressional and gubernatorial campaign;
·       Chairman of the Salvation Army Advisory Council;
·       Chairman of a charter school;
·       Chairman of a city charter commission;
·       Vice-President of the MN Christian Writers Guild,
·       Owning a law firm that employed attorneys smarter than me,
·       A self-published author winning an international award for my debut book (in the category of “Christian Non-fiction”); and
·       Marrying a widow, Betty, during my suspension. She had told God a week prior to our meeting that it was in God’s hands if she should ever marry again. We met and were married within seven months later. That was 27 years ago. That was God honoring her and a blessing to me.

So, being authentic and diligent are important but dare I add a third?  Be humble. The Lord loves a contrite heart. And so do our customers.
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