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Kristin Evenson

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Consultant & Coach at Junctures, she helps leaders manage "Hell in the hallway," as they navigate significant life, career and organizational transition; while providing practical tools and processes to move beyond our limiting mental maps and make these junctures informative times. By learning to lean into the chaos that's in and around you in a constructive way, you can "live into" next-chapter opportunities that can exceed your expectations.


Change is unnerving. Ambiguity, pressure and lack of clarity contribute to conflict, anxiety and panic in both individuals and teams. The brain is wired to retreat into threat mode ("freeze, fight or flight!"), which short-circuits our ability to think creatively. But change and transition also provide important opportunities to step back, reflect and recalibrate. Whether individually or as teams, we can reconnect here with passion and purpose, mission and meaning, and recognize new ideas and inspiration.

As you navigate a critical juncture, I'd love to partner with you in thinking creatively and courageously about What's Next.

FOR TEAMS - Strategy Workshops + Retreats + "The Brain & Change" Presentations
FOR INDIVIDUALS - 1-on-1 Transition & Career Coaching + Personal Branding + Cohort Groups + Workshops + Presentations + Mindfulness Methods + Spiritual Practices

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