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Kristina Bonfe

10165 Powers Lake Trail
Woodbury MN 55129
Physical and Mailing
10165 Powers Lake Trail
Woodbury MN 55129

Kristina Bonfe: Owner | Registered Nurse | Keynote


I am a passionate psychiatric nurse who is passionate about helping patients find recovery, self-love, and ultimately happiness and freedom. 

On the side, I also do public speaking where I share my story of how I overcame an eating disorder, depression, and suicidal ideation while climbing 55 of Colorado's tallest peaks in 87 days. 

I believe my personal experience with mental health has given me a special ability to not only empathize and encourage but has also given me the ability to instill hope that happiness and freedom are possible. 

In my free time I am heavily involved in the church and community; and enjoy spending time with my husband, family, and friends. Even after my mountain adventure I still get outdoors as much as I can, and love traveling to new, beautiful places as often as I can!  

Active Keynote Presentation:


Kristina's Mountain

Short video explains what led her to climb 55 of Colorado's tallest mountains in 87 days.
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