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Kristina Bonfe

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We build bigger and sexier houses, acquire fancier titles, attain fame in a New York minute, and can obtain the perfect body and face as long as there's exceeding amounts of green; yet depression, anxiety and suicide rates are continuing to climb at alarming rates. Contrary to the popular notion that money, sex and power will lead to a happy and exciting life, our country is screaming "I'm unhappy"! Why is this happening?? What is the answer to this complex riddle?! What in the world does it take to just be happy?

Kristina has been there. She believed that sex appeal, money, and power were the keys to change everything; but the harder she tried to attain it all, the sicker she became. By age 19 she was diagnosed with debilitating depression, by age 23 she manifested an all-consuming eating disorder, and by age 27 her life was so out of control and she was so paralyzed by anxiety and self-hatred that she contemplated suicide.

It wasn't until she was 30 that she determined something drastically needed to change; because if she didn't, she wasn't going to make it in this life.

She packed up her bags and headed to Colorado where she would successfully climb 55 of Colorado's tallest mountain peaks in 87 days- the total elevation gain was the equivalent to ascending Mount Everest 6.5 times over. Not only did she complete an amazing physical feat that had never been done by a woman in that short amount of time, she also extraordinarily freed herself from depression and the eating disorder once and for all.

She took back the life that was stolen from her.

You see, she had awakened a royal warrior that had always been inside her. She claimed her "Conqueror" identity and defeated the inner enemies who had intended to snuff her light out forever. 

She found her worth and the ability to love herself again- to believe in herself again. To be unashamed of her life's story. Because what was meant for harm and destruction has now been harnessed for good.

She's found a power within herself that is relentless and resistant to the shiny facade of the world. The confusion is gone, her wounds are now embraced, and her true identity realized and deeply rooted.

Now she's on a mission to WAKE UP the rest of the world to see that we have been living in a world that has tricked us into believing that sex, money and power could fulfill us. And here's what drives her mission with such tenacity and zeal: 

She knows it chains-up people's ability to pursue and live out the extraordinary call on their life.

The world suffers because of it, and it unknowingly mourns the loss of what could have been.

But Kristina believes that this can be the generation to change this! 

She believes this can be the generation to set people free from a life of emptiness and temporary highs! You can be the ones to show that true happiness can only come from within- and knowing and embracing your true identity.

Through telling her story of conquering real and invisible mountains, she will awaken and empower the royal warriors hidden deep within your audience. They will be more self-assured individuals who can stand their ground, who will not let anything trick them or limit them on how high they can climb in their life. 

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