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Mark Strandjord

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Mark Strandjord 

Owner | Missionary | Pastor


We owned and operated a highly successful professional search firm for 25 years. We focused on the IT sector - recruiting, and placement of management and senior-level personnel.

We were ordained through Hosanna! Church in Lakeville, MN in 2004. Mark was the first person to be ordained through Hosanna’s in-house training. We oversaw the prayer ministries, which involved recruiting, mentoring, and teaching 100+ prayer warriors. They all served on prayer teams in Hosanna’s Prayer Chapel before, during, and after each service.

We also authored and facilitated an Inner-Healing and Deliverance ministry – Water of Life. Over the years, thousands of people found freedom in Christ from this 12-week ministry. We also authored and facilitated an Inner-Healing ministry – Beauty for Ashes – for those who wanted individual attention. Our clients included those from all walks of life, including satanic ritual abuse victims.

God put it on our heart to conduct a monthly healing service for those who needed divine healing for a disease, illness, or injury. We trained, mentored, and led other prayer ministers to help.

Since 2007, we have been missionaries, serving mostly in Malaysia but also Indonesia, Bangladesh, Australia, Cuba, and the Twin Cities region. We sold all we owned and moved to Malaysia to make disciples that make disciples in hard-core Muslim villages and cities. Despite death threats, persecution, and trials of all kinds, God gave us much success.

Besides countless salvations, we have many testimonies of God reaching down and performing miraculous healings and deliverances through us in the marketplace, church activity, and missionary work.

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