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Meredith Kathleen


Meredith Kathleen Neumann

Healthy Leadership Development of Scaling Within

Leader | Coach | Speaker


Meredith’s vision to see leaders thrive from the inside out fuels her works with Founders and other C-suite executives.  Business leaders from around the world meet with Meredith for individualized consulting to troubleshoot challenges, regain clarity and focus, and align with core vision. Additionally, Meredith provides on-site performance coaching, team training and keynote speaking on a variety healthy leadership topics.

Research shows that the most successful business leaders invest in their own growth as well as their teams, developing their people into assets and improving company culture.  Drawing from her 10 years of experience as a Psychotherapist, Meredith brings to the marketplace a deep understanding of brain neurology, individual wiring, and practical tools to enhance performance. 

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