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Michael Urch


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Love the Lord with All Your Wealth

Wealth is a form of strength, and we are commanded what to do with strength: love the Lord with ALL of it. So we should also do with our wealth. Love the Lord with all of it. But loving the Lord and loving your family, neighbors, church, business partners, customers, etc. is not mutually exclusive. With wisdom seek to rightly apply the greatest commandment with your wealth.

Excel in Your God-Given Vocation

Vocation is comes from the Latin “Vocare” which means to call. In modern times we talk about our vocations as careers or as what we do for a living, but what does the bible say about calling? I believe we are all simultaneously occupied with several vocations. I myself am a Christian, a husband, a father, a churchman, and a financial planner. Knowing that these are things to which I am called, how can I pursue excellence in them for the glory of God? It is worth keeping in view that my career choice is the rarely lifelong unlike the others.

About Michael Urch

My wife, my children, my church, and my job are all given to me by God, and I endeavor to faithfully manage the responsibilities that I have because of them. I am driven by a desire to love God and love my neighbor, eternally grateful for the work of Jesus on the cross. I talk to people about money for a living, and if I had a single message to share it would be to love the Lord with all your wealth.  

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