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Patrick Nickerson


Available Keynote Presentations

Witnessing at Work

The presentation delves in to three reasons we ought to share our faith: 

  1. It's our duty 
  2. We love God 
  3. We love people 

Then it lays it what it is we are to communicated, ie the Gospel Finally it explores practical tips for witnessing at work, and allows time for discussion about struggles/triumphs that people have had in sharing their faith at work.

Motives Matter

God cares not only what you do, but why you do it. You may do miraculous things, even things that appear like good deeds to others, but if your motive isn’t truly love, it’s useless in God’s sight (1 Cor 13). You may do “many mighty works” in the name of Christ, but do so from a motive other than love and come to find that you never knew Him (Matt 7:3). You may work hard in your vocation, and attach the name of Jesus to it, but secretly and subtly be driven by motives that aren’t God honoring. This keynote aims to help us a) examine our motives, and b) correct our motives.

Introduction to a Biblical Theology of Work

While we often grow up thinking of the Bible as a random compilation of stories about various heroes, or a long list of rules and principles for life, the Bible is most fundamentally a unified story pointing to one ultimate hero: the Lord Jesus Christ. How does “work” fit in to the storyline of the Bible? How does our vocation fit into God’s meta-narrative centered on Jesus Christ? This keynote seeks to provide an introductory answer to these questions; a “Biblical Theology of Work.”

About Patrick Nickerson

Patrick is a sinner, saved by God's grace alone. He has a beautiful Proverbs 31 wife, which is proof positive that miracles happen, and two little girls. Patrick transplanted to Victoria, MN from Virginia Beach to be near his wife’s family in Eden Prairie. 

He enjoys reading, playing guitar, exercising, and (since moving to Minnesota) snowboarding. Patrick and his family attend Redeemer Bible church, where they've been blessed beyond measure by the body of Christ.

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