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Rich Frieder


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God and Your Brain - Your Brain's Design and Amazing Abilities

God has given us an amazing gift - our minds. However, we often do not understand the impacts our small choices can make on brain health and how to optimize this gift God has given us. God's Word is full of verses that appeal to our logic/intelligence and decision making. Doing all we can to maximize our mental abilities benefits ourselves, those around us and our testimony.

About Rich Frieder

Rich is the owner of LearningRx which focuses on improving an individual’s ability to learn and process information. Rich has worked with individuals with ADHD, autism, dyslexia general learning struggles, age-related memory loss and traumatic brain injuries. His youngest daughter, Catie, had struggled with ADHD, receptive and expressive language delays and sensory integration disorder and is now excelling in college years later as a result of her LearningRx training. Rich has spoken to numerous groups including local school districts, education conferences, homeschool groups, occupational therapy groups, Rotary and community groups. Rich has also appeared on the Fox Morning News, Twin Cities Live and the Kare-11 Today Show. Rich has been married for 34 years to his amazing wife, Adele, and is the father of three daughters ranging from 20 to 30 years old. He also has 3 grandchildren.

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