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Scott Ward


Available Keynote Presentations 

Worship Through Work

We may strive to do our best because we work for the Lord. What is worship but praising Him? We'll explore practical examples of worship while working.

Scriptural Paradigms for Strategic Planning 

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“Unless the Lord builds the house, our efforts are in vain.” We can learn from the history of God’s people about what our goals need to be in strategic planning. We’ll look at several examples and create a template for our own planning efforts.

The Problem with Performance Appraisals 

The design of most performance appraisal systems violate at least six scriptures and lead to a problem with other passages in terms of how we’re supposed to deal with employees.

Dreading Work But Being Blessed

Most employees would quit their jobs and move on if they could. Christ worked in and understands toxic work cultures. So how can we apply His teachings and make the workplaces better for ourselves and those with whom we work?

About Scott Ward

While being a follower of Christ for 40+ years, Scott has also been on the mission field, corporate manager and exec and small business owner. He’s also been advising companies here in the US and abroad. Scott believes the call of our faith is to live transformed and transform our business practices to reflect His intentions. He’s revised employee handbooks to reflect scripture. He’s explored how scriptural guidance should be handled in the modern world: e.g. allowing for gleaning.

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