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TediAnne Hasapopoulos


Available Keynote Presentations

  1. The Spirit's Work: The Amazing Reality of the Holy Spirit at Work in and Through You

  2. The world tells us that we are to strive to better ourselves as leaders, and gives us many tools to do so. And yet, those indwelled by the Holy Spirit have a Power at work within them that brings about transformation of the mind, heart and will. Too few leaders understand or embrace this Work of the Holy Spirit. Drawing on practical theology regarding Who the Holy Spirit is and the Spirit’s work in our “being transformed with unveiled faces into the likeness of Christ (2 Cor 3:18)”, this talk connects who we are as “being transformed” leaders and our everyday work.

  3. Leading Others in Holy Spirit-led Leader Development

  4. We have the opportunity to come alongside others as they develop as leaders and hone their leadership practices. How might we do so given the Holy Spirit is at work within those called to faith? How might we mentor, coach and apprentice others in ways that opens them to the transforming work of the Holy Spirit? And what of those who are not choosing to see Jesus as King? How do we still honor the work of the Holy Spirit in their development? This talk explores how the Holy Spirit is as work through us to influence the development of others.

    About TediAnne Hasapopoulos  

    I have been at work as an MBA professor for over 30 years influencing business leaders to embrace God-honoring decisions and doing so without religious arguments. Over the years I became more attuned to the ways in which the Holy Spirit is doing so much better than me. My doctoral work centered on exploring this work of the Holy Spirit in transforming leaders into Christ's likeness and empowering leaders as ambassador of Christ. My current teaching practice guides business leaders and Church leaders toward greater surrender to the work of the Holy Spirit in order to more effectively influence others toward God-honoring outcomes in their everyday work.

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