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Thomas Winninger

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Statistics about unhappiness abound.

Researchers disagree about what percentage of the population identifies as unhappy or unfulfilled—but everyone seems to agree about one thing: It’s a pervasive problem.

Through his own journey of self-discovery, Thom Winninger has developed a distinct, powerful process for finding the right answers to life’s biggest questions, the right way. He wholeheartedly believes that the answer to your lack of joy lies within you—and only a true understanding of yourself will enable you to find it.

Thom will teach you how to achieve deep self-understanding through an inward view, not an outward one. This means that you’ll ask questions of yourself, not of those around you. By asking questions of yourself, you’ll learn to reflect. By reflecting, you’ll learn to contemplate. As a result of this fluid pattern, you can finally discover answers to the most important questions in life: “Who am I, what am I meant to be, and what is my gift to the world?”

From the moment we are created, God endows each of us with uniqueness and a call to purpose—a gift. Thom Winninger’s gift is the ability to help people look within themselves, unpack their gift, and apply it. Thom guides both individuals and entire organizations through this transformational process—which he calls progressive realization—to find fulfillment and reach their full potential.

People come to Thom wondering why things aren’t working, why the excitement is gone from their lives, and why their careers are uninspired. They come because their organizations lack clarity of direction, employees are disconnected from the company mission, and they don’t know what to do next. Thom shares with them his path to self-discovery, and his process for realizing the application of their gift and talents. He then helps them understand how they can improve the world as a result. This brings Thom’s clients meaning, joy, and fulfillment in their lives. It also deepens their spiritual understanding, and fortifies their connection to God.

Thom always says that full potential comes in the application of gift to the highest need of those you encounter; it does not come as a result of identifying something you want, and then going after it. Fulfillment, joy, and meaning are the outcomes of a gift applied with purpose.



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