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Tom Guetzke


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God's Gift of Happiness

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Happiness is a gift from God that is created by a million momentary choices. Even though we are each on our own unique faith journey, research has shown that there are habits that can actually create more happiness in our lives. 

Based on the most current scientific research from the fields of positive psychology, business and neuroscience you will learn practical strategies for tapping into and nurturing your own happiness. Understand how to focus on the things you can control in your life instead of obsessing on what you can't control. 

Your thoughts, words and actions can generate waves of happiness to pay dividends well beyond your own life.

About Tom Guetzke:

Traveling to over 65 countries, Tom Guetzke studied the psychological similarities and differences of happiness. An award winning keynote speaker, Tom Guetzke has engaged and entertained audiences around the globe. LiveHappy! speaking is on a mission to change minds, hearts and lives by inspiring others to discover how they can create more happiness in their own lives.

Recognized with the highest designation awarded by Toastmasters International, Tom holds the distinguished Toastmaster Award (DTM) and was named Toastmaster of the Year. Tom achieved membership as a professional speaker in the National Speakers Association (NSA) in 2003 and was President of NSA-MN. Tom is featured in Who’s Who in Professional Speaking and is the honored recipient of the prestigious Mark LeBlanc Award.

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