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Tom Krause


Available Keynote Presentations

Executive Presence Meets Servant Leadership

This talk focuses on the importance of discovering our communication and behavioral blindspots that everyone knows about us...except us!  This discovery helps us identify where we may be stumbling blocks to others.  It also helps us gain confidence and learn how to be better servant leaders.

The Prioritized Life 

This presentation outlines the Five Capitals of life we should be investing in from a Biblical perspective. Participants will have access to a tool that helps them understand their level of health with each capital and how their priorities are ordered (e.g., is their Financial Capital of higher importance than their Spiritual Captial).

Seeing Yourself as Others Do

Do you REALLY know how you come across to others? We all have blind spots in our communication that only we can't see. These blind spots hinder our ability to authentically communicate. This presentation will provide awareness of why you should understand how you show up to others. You'll learn suggestions on how to better communicate with an understand others in your professional and personal lives.

About Tom Krause

Tom is passionate about helping leaders and teams identify their underlying strengths, blind spots, passions and values to build on. Tom believes Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life... and we should be striving to be more like Jesus every day. After 25 years of navigating the corporate world, Tom hired an executive coach to help him better serve others and God. It changed his life so dramatically that he became a certified coach to help others transform their lives as well. Tom lives in Minnesota with his wife and two daughters.

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