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Trish Perry


Available Keynote Presentations

Failing Fearlessly for Success

The fear of failure gets in the way of creativity, productivity, and maximizing you and your team’s potential. Trish demonstrates how failure is actually a natural part of the learning process, and how if you continue to view failure as fatal, you will miss out on opportunities and innovations. You’ll discover:

  • How to use failure to your advantage 
  • Specific actions to take when you fail to maximize your learning 
  • How to redefine failure making it a part of your process instead of avoiding it

Grief and Work: 3 Ways to Manage Both Well

All of us will experience grief and loss. ALL of us! Grief is debilitating, especially at work. When a tragedy strikes… like losing a loved one, a medical diagnosis, loss of relationships and more… employees need support and time to heal.   You’ll discover:

  • Unexpected ways grief manifests, how long it can last and how it affects the team 
  • Actionable strategies and tools to manage the symptoms and impact of grief  
  • Ways to support those who are grieving that are helpful for both employee and organization  

Note this can be customized for employees or leaders managing employees dealing with grief.

From Procrastination to Productivity  3 ways to use brain science to master your mind and unlock your productivity

Productivity has become a buzzword that many strive for and few obtain. Understanding how the brain works can show us ways to maximize our brains instead of draining ourselves, and can lead to increased focus, ingenuity, and efficiency.  You’ll learn

  • Secrets to maximize your brain’s energy for increased productivity 
  • Why your brain gets overwhelmed and how to refocus and get back to work 
  • How to overcome an impasse and create insight and action

About Trish Perry

Trish Perry, PCC is a certified master results coach, trainer and speaker and founder of Harmonize Coaching, LLC. Trish helps professionals who have been thrown off course by an unexpected hardship or adversity to find their direction and inner power again Trish also coaches with organizations like the University of Minnesota and Target to retain talent developing leaders who create engaged and productive teams where employees feed valued. Her goal is to make a positive impact with coaching. 

Trish is a top 20 coach in the Twin Cities. In 2015 Trish left the corporate world to pursue coaching. A main tenet is “You are not your adversity”. Trish has deep experience with powerful recovery from adversity including traumatic losses, breast cancer, layoffs, and dysfunctional bosses and teams. She has created the Power Path Process of coaching to get outstanding results for her clients. The Power Path includes determining how your faith helps you develop the power to walk a more intentional Path. 

Giving back to the community is one of Trish’s core values. She has given thousands of hours at non-profits such as The International Coaching Federation, Girl Scouts, Feed My Starving Children, MN Council of Churches, Mayflower Church and Minneapolis Public Schools. Trish lives in Minneapolis with her husband of 30+ years, Jay, and their 3 wonderful children.

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