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Wesley Farrow


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Working for Our Father- Accepting the Father’s Gift of Work

Working for our Father is a call to be stewards of his creation. We work with our Father to enable all to live the life and to make contributions to the world he created for us. 

Working for Our Father - Operating in the Fruit of the Spirit

The aim of the Christian life is a continual growth of the Holy Spirit’s reign and influence in our life. The Holy Spirit is not only for our lives, but for the good of those we love, encounter, and have influence over; for the work that our Father is entrusting to us. 

Working for Our Father - Aligning Your Career to God’s Mission

Our careers become our calling when we see them as part of working for our Father. It transforms the work of our hands into service and ministry to God and for others.

About Wesley Farrow

Wesley is a Twin Cities transplant from Metro Detroit by way of Los Angeles. Through two decades of seeking to be a servant leader across multiple sectors in the secular world, Wesley has slowly realized that such efforts are a humble seeking to work for his Father through the power of the Holy Spirit. He is grateful and gives glory to God for the call to seek Christ in the workplace as President of Christians in Commerce and WorkLight Ministries. 

Following a stint in overseas development work, Wesley's professional career began in the classrooms and communities of South and East Los Angeles, where he was driven by a passion for connecting people to their sense of agency within an increasingly complex world. His executive leadership has included roles as Managing Partner of Infra Associates, Executive Director of Coro Southern California, West Coast Manager of RFK Human Rights, Strategic Advisor to the CEO of Powerline, and Founder/CEO of Soltura Languages. 

Wesley serves as Board President at both the Michigan Rugby Foundation and the Saint Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN). He is also a board advisor to WorkMonger, Ovis Media, and Atma Global. Wesley is a graduate of the University of Michigan, current PhD student at Northwestern Theological Seminary, and father to a remarkable little human named Valory and her menagerie of pets. 

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