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Coefficient Digital

1500 Jackson Street NE #301
Minneapolis MN 55413
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About Us

The complex sale should be simple. We help make it so.

Your prospect has many options to choose from, multiple stakeholders to be brought on board as well as other valuable projects competing for same slice of the budget and scarce executive attention. And that's after they've agreed on the problem.

No wonder it’s called a complex sale.

1. Simplify the complex. Sure, it’s complex. But it’s not just your sales people that are challenged by complex sales. Buyers don’t relish the complexity either. That’s why building trust is so vital. We merge the power of digital engagement and thought leadership to gain your prospect’s trust and accelerate the complex sale.

2. Move the needle. You won’t get selected if you don’t make a difference. And you can no longer expect your prospects to know how your offering makes that difference. That’s why we build targeted, niche digital engagement strategies that position your offering right to the prospect’s point-of-pain, using their industry challenges, their vocabulary, and their aspirations to move the needle.

3. Build exceptional chemistry. No complex sale was won with an email blast. Complex sales are—by their very nature—relational, not transactional. Trust is built over time, one interaction at a time. Those not careful to cultivate exceptional chemistry with their prospects and customers risk losing whatever trust they’ve gained. That’s why we are meticulous about designing an engagement approach that builds upon the exceptional chemistry you’re creating between your sales team and your prospect.

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