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Business for the Common Good [Book]


Is business just a way to make money? Or can the marketplace a venue for service to others? Scott B. Rae and Kenman L. Wong seek to explore this and other critical business issues from a uniquely Christian perspective, offering up a vision for work and service that is theologically grounded and practically oriented. Among the specific questions they address along the way are these: 
  • What implications does the Christian story have for the vision, mission or sense of purpose that shapes business engagement?
  • What parts of business can be affirmed and practiced "as is" and what parts need to be rejected or transformed? 
  • What challenges exist as attempts are made to live out Christian ideals in a broken world characterized by tight margins, fierce competition and short-term investor pressures? 
  • How do Christian values inform specific functional areas of business such as the management of people, marketing and environmental sustainability? 
Business can be even more than an environment through which individual Christians grow in Christlikeness. In this book you'll discover how it can also be a means toward serving the common good.

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