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Available Keynote Presentations: Change That Sticks!

Available Keynote Presentations: Living Out Biblical Generosity

Available Keynote Presentations: Integrated Governance

Available Keynote Presentations:

Available Keynote Presentation: Preparing Your Heart and Mind for Racial Reconciliation

Available Keynote Presentations: 5 Bold Predictions for a Post-Covid World

Available Keynote Presentations: I vs. Identity | How to Partner with the Holy Spirit | Living a Life of Impact for God's Glory

Active Keynote Presentation: Cultivate Courage

Available Keynote Presentations: Horizon Growth Planning | Intelligent Sales Pipeline | Digitally-Enabled Business Transformation

Available Keynote Presentation: Excelling At Business Through Leadership Excellence

Available Keynote Presentation: Core Purpose: You, Jesus, and the Church

Available Keynote Presentations: Grow Your Profit, People, and Purpose Without Killing Yourself and Your Team | How To Model Your Business For The Glory Of God

Available Keynote Presentations: Be Transformed by the Renewal of Your Mind | Creating Invincible Teams

Available Keynote Presentations: The Brain and Prayer | The Brain and Change | The Neuroscience of Courage & Calling

Available Keynote Presentation: The Power and Strength of Emotional Grit

Corporate venture expert with extensive experience in strategic marketing, sales, corporate vision and mission and new venture development. 

Available Keynote Presentations: The 5 Essentials of a Team: A Christ-Centered, High Performing Leadership Team | Building a Strengths First Culture and Mindset

Available Keynote Presentation: Responding to Our Present Crisis

Available Keynote Presentation: Activate Your Real World Superpowers | Finding and Developing Greatness in People You Work With

Available Keynote Presentations: How to Integrate Your Faith and Work

Meredith brings to the marketplace a deep understanding of brain neurology, individual wiring, and practical tools to enhance performance.

Available Keynote Presentations: Influencing the Kingdom from Where You Stand

Mentor, Innovator, Communicator supporting professionals and companies in performance and marketing execution.

Available Keynote Presentations: Leadership Mindset with a Christian Worldview | Resolving Conflicts God's Way

Available Keynote Presentations: Let's Talk Strengths | Everyone Communicates, Few Connect | 15 Irrefutable Laws of Growth

Available Keynote Presentations: Speaking at Your Own Funeral - Mourning Story | Developing an Eternal Perspective

Connect, guide, empower and add value to leaders enabling them to live integrated, authentic and successful lives.

Karen is on a mission to change the organizational approach to financial, mental and physical health and wellness.

Available Keynote Presentations: Creating Mindset and Habits for Powerful Results | Self-Care in a New Season for Business and Life

Available Keynote Presentations: The Culture of Heaven

Available Keynote Presentations: 4 Keys to Job Transition | 7 Successful Tips to Networking | Creating A Succession Plan Within Your Company

Available Keynote Presentations: Partnering with God, at work, at home, every day

Available Keynote Presentation: Discover Your Life's Core Purpose

Motivated by a personal desire to see others achieve their greatest possible level of success, Bruce Roselle helps them move wholeheartedly into all areas of their lives.  

My inspirational presentations help introverts, extroverts, leaders, people like you, overcome life's biggest challenges.

A ministry of BusinessKeys Int. focused on churches in the areas of strategic planning, leadership and organizational consulting, small group ministry, and the Lifekeys ministry for lay empowerment

Available Keynote Presentations: Navigating Nutrition | Understanding Pain | You Reap What You Sow

One of the nation’s leading thinkers on issues of personal growth, professional development, and organizational excellence.

Available Keynote Presentation: Conversation Strategies That Build Trust and Engagement

Available Keynote Presentation: Together for Israel

Available Keynote Presentation: Outperform The Norm

Available Keynote Presentations: How to Cast Vision in Uncertain Times | Develop Your Personal Board of Directors | Leading Through Adversity... plus 3 more!

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